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Your moat is your unfair advantage

We live in a time of StartUp clutter. You are competing with other StartUps, not only for customers but also for investors.

If you want to impress an investor, you can do worse than listen to Warren Buffet.

“In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats.”
Economic castles are good business ideas. Unbreachable moats are the unique brand stories that surround them. gives you the tools to build your moat.

5 reasons why
1. Go beyond a Minimum Viable Product to create your Minimal Viable Brand, the promise of a unique branded business.

2. Show investors you are out-thinking other StartUps, with an eye beyond seed investment to long-term customer love and brand excitement.

3. No need to pay an expensive consultancy: user-friendly and simple so that smart non-marketing people can do it themselves.

4. Now you can have the same approach and tools as the World’s greatest brands: I’ve used versions of this to guide adidas, IKEA, Prudential, British Airways, Coca Cola, Qoros and lots more.

5. No complicated How To guide. Instead a simple, practical How I Did It guide, with a completed version of the playbooks included FOR FREE.

Create the branded business concept to stand out from the StartUp clutter.